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Forest brothers were the partisans from Estonia, Lithuania, Baltic states and Latvia who started a war against the Soviet Union when it captured three Baltic States after the second world War. Nearly 50,000 residents launched guerilla war against the Soviet power. The resistance of the Forest Brothers against the Red army units and its representatives varied to a great extent, ranging from intelligently planned military actions to pranks directed against the Soviet Union. During this bloody war, around 100000 Soviet soldiers and 30000 Forest brothers lost their lives. The war ended in 1953 and most of the partisans lost their lives and many were put in the prison
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When men go to war, they have to survive for years in an all male environment. The same happened with Forest brothers who were in a war for almost a decade. Deprived of any female companionship, they found solace in nude model pics.
Throughout the day, the soldiers were risking their lives, try to win a hopeless war against the Red Army. They were miles away from their home, in forest areas where there were no proper living or eating arrangements at all. There was nowhere they could find relief from the hardships they faced at the front. Even during their rest period, they were were busy doing some exhausting work as there was always a shortage of hd porn movies site like We all know that wars have a grave physical as well as psychological impact on soldiers. Most of them suffer from depression and anxiety issues. Also because their families weren’t with them, the soldiers felt lonely. So it’s not a huge surprise that they carried nude model pics with them for satisfying their sexual urges in some manner. This also, even if for few moments, diverted their attention from the horrible war that was going on and made them calm and stress free.Negative effects of carrying porn pics at by the Forest Brothers.
Although carrying nude pics of models by the forest brothers is an individual decision which shouldn’t be criticized as the soldiers were in very tough circumstances, but still there were some adverse effects because of this as well.Sometimes when you need female companionship desperately and you miss your wife or girlfriend, looking at pictures of some random nude models wouldn’t help. Instead, there are high chances that the soldiers became more frustrated and lonely. Looking at pictures might help for few moments, but after that the pangs of loneliness soldiers had to face was immense and almost bearable.There are strong chances that carrying nude model pics also diverted the soldier’s attention, made them lose their concentration and made them more reckless. For soldiers no matter how much physically and mentally strong, are still human and war does take a toll on them.

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